Love, Louisiana - Brown Pelican Tank Top

by Dirty Coast Press
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The mighty Brown Pelican. A common Gulf Coastal citizen, seafood-devouring gourmand, and subtle bad-ass.

Images of the pelican can be found throughout all Louisiana, and while the Brown Pelican is the smallest bird in its family, it's definitely a Big Shot in every other way. You can keep your turkeys and condors. Our bird's got first billing.

About the Series:

In 1803, the United States made the greatest real estate deal in history; snagging pre-settled Louisiana territory for a song. The birthplace of Jazz and the cradle of Creole and Cajun culture, Louisiana has nursed and nurtured all of her goodchildren throughout the centuries, as well as bestowed upon us some of the finest and most unique experiences in our nation; truly, gifts like no other.

Living in this Dream State, we're lucky enough to continue experiencing some of the greatest gifts Mother Nature and her lush Louisiana have to offer. Every time you smell a magnolia, watch a pelican soar, or hear a Catahoula's cry, just know that these are all just notes in her never-ending love song to us...


100% Cotton Tank Top

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