Cha Wa Tank Top

by Dirty Coast Press
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This product has a 2-week turn-around.

This design pays homage to four distinct elements of Mardi Gras Indian tradition. The name "Cha Wa" is a celebratory greeting used by the tribes when meeting each other in the streets. The beaded letters were hand sewn into canvas by Wynoka "Noki" Boudreaux, Big Queen of the Golden Eagles and daughter of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, in the tradition of the uptown Indians.

The tambourine is played by the Mardi Gras Indians to accompany their inspiring chants. The feathers in the background represent the ornamentation of the iconic crowns worn atop the Indian's handmade suits, each painstakingly sewn and constructed yearly for Mardi Gras Day.

An indellible part of New Orleans culture. Respect the tribes.


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