Cajun Navy / Louisiana On-Call

by Dirty Coast Press
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This product has a 2-week turn-around.

This shirt donates to the Cajun Navy. They are so awesome they have even made it on Wikipedia. Printed on Triblend and shipping after next week.

Visit them and learn more at

According to Wikipedia:

"The Cajun Navy are informal ad-hoc volunteer groups comprising private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts in Louisiana and adjacent areas. These groups were formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and reactivated in the aftermath of the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey. They are credited with rescuing thousands of citizens during those disasters.[1]

These groups draw their name from the region's Cajun people, a significant number of whom are private boat owners and skilled boat pilots. Their boats consist of a number of types, but are typically small vessels such as bass boats, jonboats, air boats, and other small, shallow-draft craft easily transported to flooded areas."

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