Banging Bob's Stone Smashed Juice

by Bayou Brands
Suggested Retail
Qty Price
1 - 24 $12.99
25 - 49 $9.99
50 - 99 $7.99
100 + $6.99
Must order at least 25.

This product has a 3-week turn-around.

Crafted with nature's grittiest ingredients and sourced from highly skilled neanderthal farmers, these oldest pressed juices are meant to restore and invigorate. May include trace amounts of dirt and entire branches. Juice Served There Since 40,000 BCE. Stop by the Time Travel Mart or order online for stone smashed wellness. P.S. added benefit of stress relieving slime in each bottle!


This product is non-edible slime and glitter. Stockist must add water. 

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