Working With Schools & Nonprofits

We have had the privilege of working with many schools and nonprofits to help them raise additional funds for their operations through the sale of merchandise. Through these collaborations we learned that everyone deals with a few challenges and has pain points we think we can solve.


1. Hiring and managing designers to create their designs and produce mock-ups of their products so you can get approval from the powers that be to offer merchandise to their supporters.

We have an amazing team of designers and illustrators we can bring on board and art direct until you have exactly what you need for your products. Let us manage the creative side.


2. Having to find vendors to make your products you trust and get those items in a timely manner.

We have worked with hundreds of vendors over the years and now work with a trusted few that are dedicated to their clients and produce awesome products. Our ordering pipeline lets us manage everything once an order is received.


3. Taking chances on orders and guessing (better yet hoping) you ordered the right styles, colors and sizes of all your items for supporters.

Lets make this easier for you and place all your approved products online with a set time frame to order them. Share the web link with your supporters and let them choose what they want. At the end of this Campaign we can produce and ship what was ordered for you. No inventory sitting around on a desk or in a closet, forever forgotten and seen as wasted money.


4. Reordering all the items you need when you need them without having to jump through too many hoops.

Once your items are on our site under your Collection you can access it at any time and purchase what you need to stock your own website or have items on hand for events like fundraisers.


Feels better just reading that doesn't it.

Let us take all the hassle off your plate. You just share awesome items for sale to your supporters and call it a day.