Your ‘hood etched in wood.

Neighborwoods products are made with Aromatic Red Cedar plywood, which comes from the Western Red Cedar tree. The species is native to western North America, and specifically, to the Pacific Northwest. Western Red Cedar trees are huge! They range in height from 213-230 ft tall and 10-13 feet wide. Dozens of 8’ X 10’ sheets of the Red Cedar arrive at our Miami production facility every month and are then trimmed down to fit in our laser engravers.

The adhesive used to bond the Aromatic Red Cedar veneer to its' solid 1/4” core is made from all natural, soy-based ingredients. It is formaldehyde free, completely biodegradable, and 100% made in the USA.

Dirty Coast Press Keychain NOLA Neighborwoods Keychain

NOLA Neighborwoods Keychain


NOLA to go. Laser engraved aromatic cedar city shaped keychain. Keep your 'hood close, wherever you may travel. 

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