Dirty Coast Press

Dirty Coast Press

Our t-shirts are like a secret handshake.

New Orleans is hot and sultry. While the air's heavy in humidity, the spirit is light. Down-home one minute and dressed up the next. Confusing, mysterious--even a little dangerous.

When you truly love something you share it. So: whether you were born here, are a transplant, or simply passing through, we hope you can be a New Orleanian wherever you are.

Founded in 2005.

Dirty Coast Press Stickers Window Decals

Window Decals

Dirty Coast Press

Our new decals are custom vinyl-cut made to weather the storm, humidity, or whatever else you throw at it! 5" wide, vinyl  

Dirty Coast Press Bandana One Size Congo Square Bandana

Congo Square Bandana

Dirty Coast Press

Look cool. Stay cool. Let the people know where y'at with our new bandana.  Without Congo Square, there is no music. This design is dedicated to t...

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Dirty Coast Press Cards Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Dirty Coast Press

Greet ya momma n' dem in style, with these classic Dirty Coast designs.  Now writable, sendable, and giftable. :) Glossy cardstock 4.25" x 5.5 "

Dirty Coast Press South Pole Sticker

South Pole Sticker

Dirty Coast Press

He just came back from a lovely trip across the CausewayStopped off at the South Pole to spend the holidayEvery year he arrives with his gators in ...

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Dirty Coast Press Stickers Black & Gold Be A New Orleanian Stickers

Black & Gold Be A New Orleanian Stickers

Dirty Coast Press

On your car. In the bathroom of your favorite bar. Out of town. Anywhere you please. Stick it, and let the people know your connection to the city.

Dirty Coast Press Stickers Glue Gun Sticker

Glue Gun Sticker

Dirty Coast Press

A fun die-cut sticker for all of the most crafty people you know out there.

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