Dirty Coast Press

Dirty Coast Press

Our t-shirts are like a secret handshake.

New Orleans is hot and sultry. While the air's heavy in humidity, the spirit is light. Down-home one minute and dressed up the next. Confusing, mysterious--even a little dangerous.

When you truly love something you share it. So: whether you were born here, are a transplant, or simply passing through, we hope you can be a New Orleanian wherever you are.

Founded in 2005.

Dirty Coast Press Koozie Koozie 5-Pack Koozies


Dirty Coast Press

From the boil to the bayou, bottoms up.  Cold drink, warm hands. Can't lose.

Dirty Coast Press Shirt Women's Small A Snoball's Chance

A Snoball's Chance

Dirty Coast Press

"At least hell is a dry heat!" Nothing beats the heat better than an ice cold snoball.But you better hurry up - you're starting to melt. Blue Trib...

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LA Crawfish

LA Crawfish

Bayou Brands/Dirty Coast

Can be edited to have your logo in the pot on the front!

Dirty Coast Press Tea Towel Crawfish Pi Tea Towels

Crawfish Pi Tea Towels

Dirty Coast Press

For those who love mud bugs, math riddles and visual puns, we give you Crawfish Pi. If only crawfish season were infinite... One can only dream… De...

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