Dirty Coast Press

Dirty Coast Press

Our t-shirts are like a secret handshake.

New Orleans is hot and sultry. While the air's heavy in humidity, the spirit is light. Down-home one minute and dressed up the next. Confusing, mysterious--even a little dangerous.

When you truly love something you share it. So: whether you were born here, are a transplant, or simply passing through, we hope you can be a New Orleanian wherever you are.

Founded in 2005.

LA Crawfish

LA Crawfish

Bayou Brands/Dirty Coast

Can be edited to have your logo in the pot on the front!

Dirty Coast Press Koozie Koozie 5-Pack Koozies


Dirty Coast Press

From the boil to the bayou, bottoms up.  Cold drink, warm hands. Can't lose.

Dirty Coast Press Shirt Women's Small A Snoball's Chance

A Snoball's Chance

Dirty Coast Press

"At least hell is a dry heat!" Nothing beats the heat better than an ice cold snoball.But you better hurry up - you're starting to melt. Blue Trib...

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